CE-certified multi-functional doors with anti-panic function


Security and aesthetics in a single profile system – this is what Jansen has to offer with its new Janisol 2 EI30 C5 S200 RC3 multi-functional doors with anti-panic function. With the expansion of the established steel profile series up to RC3 with the simultaneous introduction of an anti-panic function, the system provider is presenting the European market with CE-certified anti-panic doors that also meet all of the requirements set out in EN 16034. The highly heat-insulating Janisol 2 fire protection doors allow for complete automation and people are thus able to walk through the door without having to make contact with it – a point not to be underestimated in terms of hygienic aspects.

The greatest transparency possible by means of large door formats in combination with slim profile geometries – this is what architects and planners appreciate about the steel profile systems from Jansen. Unlike almost all other systems, the Janisol 2 system meets the highest demands in terms of design freedom and structural safety in just one profile. This is also the case for the latest expansion of the fire protection doors to RC3 with an anti-panic function. With a clearance of up to 1500 x 3000 mm (single-leaf) or 3000 x 3000 mm (double-leaf), Janisol 2 multi-functional doors are suitable for use in all kinds of public buildings. Equipped with an anti-panic function, the clearance is always 2425 mm in height, while the clearance width always remains at 1500 mm or 3000 mm, thus ensuring barrier-free access in the design without a doorsill.

The Janisol 2 steel profile system has been approved for use throughout Europe in accordance with EN 16034. Its performance capabilities have been confirmed internationally in numerous fire tests, carried out in combination with many different glass products. Burglar resistance testing was carried out in accordance with EN 1627 to 1630 for up to RC3. This means that even well-equipped burglars no longer have a chance at getting in. With the additional RC3 feature, there is still a wide range of coatings available, for example concealed hinges can continue to be installed. The Janisol 2 EI30 RC3 steel profile system allows for the installation of filling elements, measuring from 15 to 37 mm in thickness; these can be installed using dry or wet glazing.

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Jansen CE-gekennzeichnete Multifunktionstüre mit Antipanikfunktion