BAU 2019: Building with steel and style


Jansen's exhibition appearance at BAU 2019 – a tribute to the golden twenties

Renovation has long been more just a trend. The fact that Jansen AG deals not only in new construction, is shown by Europe's leading manufacturer of steel profile systems at BAU 2019: under the motto "building with steel and style" we present a tribute to the golden twenties.

The 1920s stood for progress. With clear shapes and reduced designs the architects of the time broke with old traditions. Flat roofs and lots of glass characterised their buildings. A new, timeless design was born: the Bauhaus style. Steel became one of the most important materials – and so it has remained to the present day.

That's why Jansen, as a steel profile manufacturer for windows, doors and facades, is presenting BAU 2019 with a clear focus on the revolution of construction with steel. Our exhibition motto "building with steel and style" is a tribute to the golden twenties and an invitation for you to discover our collection on the topic of renovation (but also new buildings).
For example, how the slender Janisol Arte 2.0 steel profile system transforms, as fixed glazing, properties in various assembly situations and with a variety of opening types into style icons. With the new Janisol Arte 66 the "turn-tilt" opening type can be realised. Also new at Jansen are Jansen Art’15, an uninsulated steel profile system for light-flooded interiors in high-end interior construction, and Jansen Art’System, a slim steel profile system for uninsulated windows and window doors.
More information on the exhibition appearance can be found on our BAU page.


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