Successful GeoTHERM


This year again, the professional visitors at the exhibition in Offenburg/DE showed great interest in the two latest product innovations by Jansen Plastics Solutions:
the double-U «geotwin» borehole heat exchanger and the «powerwave» borehole heat exchanger.

The many exciting conversations during the two days of the exhibition are a clear indication that geothermal heating and cooling systems will play an increasingly important role in sustainable energy supply in the future.

Systematic energy management is a suitable instrument for increasing energy efficiency in a business. Working strip steel into steel tube requires many energy-intensive processes. With the help of a measuring system it is possible to ascertain and sustainably benefit from energy conservation potential. This makes it possible to systematically reduce the total energy consumption in the company, as well as the consumption of auxiliary materials and hence operating costs.

But Jansen invests not only in energy-efficient buildings and plant, but also in its employees. Thorough training and the motivation to make an active contribution to practical sustainability using the internal proposal system are important factors in the successful implementation of energy management.


Jansen GeoTHERM Offenburg 2018