Review of the Telescope Event «Design»


Design - a symbiosis of safety, function and aesthetics

As part of the event series, the digital Jansen Telescope Design Event took place on June 14.

The introductory video showed the many possible applications of steel. Christian Bartholet (CSO) mentioned how much room for maneuver the material steel allows - in new construction and renovation.

In an interview with Christoph Jansen (CEO) and Stefan Röthlin, CTO, moderator Ilka Mellert examined various questions on the subject of design; for example, where the focus lies for Jansen with regard to design. Christoph Jansen explained: «Security is the duty - design is the freestyle. The biggest compliment Jansen once received was that people didn't think it was a fire door. The symbiosis of function, safety and design can also be illustrated by the Jansen Campus. For the building project, a common vision was at the center; there were long discussions about creating a building that fits into the rural surroundings and where the employees feel comfortable. With the Campus, we have managed to bring nature into the building by means of the large glass surfaces. Another important aspect is to meet each other. It was exciting for both sides, Jansen and the architect Davide Macullo, to put the needs of the users in the center».

The three product videos

showed various aspects: e.g. how innovative steel systems offer safety and creative freedom and yet radiate filigree lightness. How the diversity of materials and systems enables architects to create buildings in which people feel comfortable. How the various object requirements such as sound and fire protection, rain tightness, but also fittings or door hinges are relevant as visual elements in the interplay of safety, function and aesthetics - and that the material steel offers many advantages: It is robust, sustainable with the re-use factor and enables narrow constructions. Urs Krucker, Head of Marketing, explained how aesthetics go hand in hand with function and security, and how Jansen profile systems demonstrate their advantages e.g. in terms of noise pollution, fire protection and burglary protection: «The aim is to make subjective and objective security invisible to the user. Security - design - function, that is the DNA of Jansen».

In the breakout sessions, four reference objects were presented by means of videos; the responsible architects and metal workers had their say: Objects with focus on transparency:

Philipe Depotter, Chief Architect, Bressers Architekten, Jan Lootens, owner of Lootens Metallbau Objects with a focus on diversity:

In the key note discussion on the topic of 'Design and façade technology in research and in interaction with industry', Ron Jacobs and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack, head of the façade technology department at the Technical University of Darmstadt and Professor of Design and Construction at the Technical University of Delft (NL), discussed various points in the form of a question and answer session, including:

The development, steel parts, the stress on glass and how important it is to know CE markings... How regarding 'R&D versus design' the functional as well as the aesthetic development is relevant; that R&D should be part of the solution and when we think of design, many purposes like transparency or durability have to be included or how R&D improves design and in a broader sense daylight is also sold (smiling).

Ron Jacobs also wanted to know from Ulrich Knaack what it was like in terms of market demand versus design; what society's needs architects respond to. Ulrich Knaack said: «Research sometimes only takes 3-5 years, larger projects with numerous legal aspects take much longer, sometimes 10 years. The journey is the goal; mistakes are also important - you learn from them. It is nice to see that Jansen is open to crazy ideas ». Also discussed was the topic of sustainability; how to define circularity and sustainability exactly; what it should include and how components are reused. That it is worth rethinking details, simply dismantling, thinking about how to reuse...

The trend to reuse material is absolutely relevant and the path clearly points to renewable energy. Is there a future for steel? Definitely! Its properties, the quality and the material is recyclable. At the end, the participants were able to exchange ideas with the speakers, industry colleagues and sales partners.

Jansen Telescope Design Event - Jansen