Market survey for the Swiss edition of the Architects’ Darling Award


Jansen wins the Gold Award in the Doors category and takes third place with a Bronze Award in the Windows category for Jansen/Schüco. 

The Swiss edition of the Architects’ Darling Award recognizes outstanding marketing performance. The winners of the awards for the best manufacturers of construction products were crowned based on the national survey “Are you the architects’ darling?” carried out by Docu Media Schweiz GmbH. A total of 415 architecture and planning firms were asked to rate the products using an online questionnaire. The main areas covered the sectors of residential construction, industry, and commercial buildings, as well as office and administrative buildings. The product categories included doors, windows, facades, and gate technology. Jansen entered in the Windows and Doors categories. 

Of the five assessment criteria, the standard criteria were product quality, innovation, and price-performance ratio. The criteria specific to the product area were efficiency and durability for windows, and appearance/design and durability for doors.

Jansen Bild vom Architects' Darling Award für Jansen