New: motor-driven rotating frame welding gauge


The Jansen RSL3025 welding gauge is specially developed by Jansen can help you to save time on laborious work steps thanks to the new rotational axis – what’s more, it is also space-saving.

The Jansen RSL3025 frame welding gauge impresses thanks to its ingenious frame rotating mechanism, which can rotate frames through 225 degrees. This means that the frame can be rotated via a motor without the need for reclamping. Previously, repeated clamping and releasing was necessary to weld a frame. This is no longer required, as the clamp can now be moved by hand and the clamping plates offer variable clamping options.

This ensures that very large frames can be held in place with the gauge: The maximum dimensions for frames are 3000 mm x 2500 mm and the gauge can also handle heights of up to 100 mm. The riveting and welding work steps can be carried out on all sides by just one person. There is also no further need to carry out complex aligning processes when using digital indicators. 

Thanks to the strengthened frame dimension, the welding bench is extremely stable and can be easily moved by hand. When in use, the welding table can be lowered to its intended place of use and the rollers can be secured in an opening on the side of the table so that they are not lost. The ability to easily move the bench creates space in the workshop when it is no longer needed – simply raise the bench, reattach the rollers and move it to the side. 


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Jansen Neu: motorisch drehbare Rahmenschweisslehre