Workshop Days


2019 sees another milestone achieved: the Jansen Workshop Days event being held for the 6th time. It has never been easier or more interesting to find out about new system features, the latest standards, technologies and trends in metalworking. Get together with us at our new technology centre and find out on the spot through the various presentation pools.

Topic pools

  • Wind, water, air
  • Adhesives in metalworking
  • The latest welding technology
  • Grinding technology today
  • Planning and design software
  • Machine controls
  • What's new at Jansen
  • Industry 4.0
  • Glass technology
  • Coating technology
  • Burglary protection
  • Facade technology
  • Fire protection standard (the latest)


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Event venue

Jansen AG, Customer Information Centre, Oberriet
1 day (08:30 – 16:30)


Attendance fee


Please note

The number of participants is limited to 150.

Registration & course overview