Schüco licence training Panorama Design sliding system

Seminar code: SLPDS


The participants receive a deeper insight into the following topics:

  • Advantages and areas of use of ASS 77 PD
  • System variants and buildable sizes
  • Ordering and manufacturing documentation for sliding systems
  • Processing instructions – from theory to practice


Special features in planning, design, manufacturing and installation

  • Function, layout and specific considerations
  • Catalogue work and processing instructions
  • Drive and locking technology / sensor monitoring
  • Practical aspects: important manufacturing steps when constructing a sliding system
    Brief introduction ASE 67 PD
  • Methods of connecting the frame to the building fabric
  • Installation and positioning of the components in the system
  • Accessories and special equipment

Event venue

Jansen AG, Customer Information Centre, Oberriet
1 day (08:30 – 16:30)

Licence fee

CHF 120.- per person

Registration & course overview