Basic seminar curtain wall facade construction

Seminar code: JGFA


The participants get to know the layout and correct use of the Jansen catalogue. They receive information about the Jansen curtain wall facade product range and can determine the system-related accessories for themselves. The participants recognise the specific advantages of steel systems
so that they can make use of them in practice. We give guidance on the worthwhile level of workshop equipment required to manufacture units.


  • Instruction in the use of the ordering and processing documents for VISS Basic curtain wall facade constructions
  • Practical workshop instruction
  • Jointing techniques in unit construction
  • Construction of a simple unit
  • Concluding discussion


JGFA. 1On request

Event venue

Jansen AG, Customer Information Centre, Oberriet
1 day (08:30 – 16:30)

Attendance fee

CHF 120.- per person

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