Double-headed mitre profile saw PDG Steel 400

The double-headed mitre profile saw PDG Steel 400 for steel profiles always produces a reliable sawing performance even under heavy load. The CNC-controlled saw's feed speed and cutting depth settings are independently adjustable. The machine can be controlled directly from the design and calculation software.

  • Version: 7-axis CNC-controlled
  • Communicates with USB stick and network
  • One-piece, inherently stiff, inclined machine bed
  • 2 saw blades Ø 400 mm
  • Saw blade shaft diameter Ø 40 mm
  • Drive output saw motor 2 x 4.5 kW
  • Saw blade rotation speed 40 - 250 rpm, stepless
  • Constant torque delivered by frequency converter-controlled brushless motors
  • Load-dependent feed speed regulation
  • Saw head swivel range up to 45° outside, up to 45° inside
  • Stepless inclination of the saw head by servo motors
  • Right-hand saw head movable, with automatic positioning
  • Max. travel speed of mobile saw head 20 m/min
  • Parallel-moving right-hand roller conveyor (2500 mm)
  • CNC-controlled saw feed
  • Feed speed setting
  • Cutting depth setting
  • High return speed
  • 1 automatically extending profile support
  • Automatic retraction (lifting) of the saw blades after cutting by movement of the profile supports
  • 6 horizontal clamps (pneumatic)
  • 6 vertical clamps (pneumatic), with automatic clamp management for inclined cuts of 45° to 135°
  • Lubrication during cutting by micro-drops or circulatory cooling
  • 2 compressed air guns with hose
  • Working height: approx. 990 mm
  • Excess length and short cutting function
  • PC control
  • Working safety: working area covered by automatically opening protective guard with viewing window
  • Paint finish: RAL 9006 (white aluminium), RAL 7016 (anthracite grey)

Height 1700 mm
Depth 1800 mm
Width 8800 mm
Weight 2800 kg
Cutting length 5000 mm
Output 2 x 4,5 kW
Voltage 400 volt
Frequency 50 Hz
Current 16 A
Operating pressure 7 bar
Compressed air consumption 50 Nl / cycle
Double-headed mitre profile saw PDG Steel 400