Structural burglar resistance


The increasing demand for safety among building owners and operators in the private, commercial and public spheres is evident from the increasing demand for burglar-resistant systems. Jansen takes account of this in the development of its windows, doors, fixed glazing units and façades; with its system extensions it can now offer appropriate resistance classes across large parts of its range. The highly resistant properties of steel make Jansen steel profile systems ideal for meeting the highest constructional safety standards.

New to the market is the Janisol 2 multifunctional door, with burglar resistance tested to RC3 and anti-panic function. This allows for complete automation so that it can be used without requiring any physical contact – an aspect not to be underestimated in terms of hygiene. The system also provides fire protection up to the EI30 standard. With Economy 60, buildings or building sections that do not require thermal insulation can be secured against burglary to class RC3.

In windows, too, Jansen steel profile systems can meet various requirements for burglar resistance (to RC3) and heat insulation. The intricate Janisol Arte window systems, for example, provide RC2 solutions to meet the highest architectural demands. For large openings, Janisol lift-and-slide doors similarly provide solutions tested to RC2.

For higher levels of building protection, Jansen will shortly be launching a further development of its VISS façade system offering burglar resistance to RC3 and RC4. With an identical appearance to the standard VISS façade, the structure shows no visible signs of burglar resistance.

The advantage of a system solution using the Jansen steel profile system is that different solutions can be implemented with a consistent look, so that additional requirements – such as different classes of fire protection, bulletproofing or sound insulation – can be integrated ‘invisibly’. This facilitates simple, secure and rational planning and construction. To meet particular protection requirements, Jansen also offers building-specific special solutions that can meet even higher resistance classes.

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