JANIsoft 2017 R2 Update


The JANIsoft 2017 R2 update is available and contains the following new features:

  • 3D polygon facade with intelligent angle modification
  • New system templates for skylight constructions like 4-sided pyramid, gable roof and lean-to structure
  • Janisol folding wall with free choice of vent combination
  • New Janisol Lift-and-slide-doors fittings like 600kg, burglar resistant and motorized
  • Janisol Arte with glazing and frame rebate insulation for better u-values
  • Janisol Arte with new metal profiles for more flexible constructions
  • New concealed carry bar for all door systems
  • New Janisol 2 EI30 anti-finger-trap doors
  • New opposed opening doors
  • Machine control for finger protection doors and swing doors

Jansen JANIsoft Update 2017