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Efficient high-tech geothermal system

In the major construction project for the new company headquarters of the Hungarian MOL Group, a heating and cooling system based on renewable energies was a key factor. The challenging location of the nearby River Danube and a high groundwater level called for absolutely watertight distributor shafts in an environment featuring heat transfer media circulating at temperatures of up to 45 degrees. The complete solution made from high-temperature-resistant PE-RT materials comprised 310 JANSEN geotwin shark borehole heat exchangers for a total bore length of 32,800 metres, over 21,000 metres of tethering pipes, more than 2000 electro-welding fittings and six large-scale distributor shafts. From the probes to the heat pumps via the shafts: a complete system that allows for 45°C water to be circulated constantly for a service life of 50 years.

Particularly energy-efficient borehole heat exchangers: This high-tech system is based on the JANSEN geotwin probe type with the unique and patented double pipe winding. These have been equipped with JANSEN shark technology. The innovative structure on the inner surface of the pipe results in the lowest hydraulic resistance, which means that the circulating pump requires less power to pump the heat transfer media.

The MOL Campus is scheduled to be provided with a reliable energy supply by a next-generation geothermal system from 2022 onwards. Clean, without any odour or noise emissions and no visual restrictions – it is a sustainably environmentally friendly solution for utilising geothermal energy.

Project name: MOL Campus
Location: Dombóvári út, 1117 Budapest, Ungarn
Client: MOL Group, Budapest/HU
General contractor: Market Építő Zrt., Budapest/HU
Planning and drilling company: Geo Concept Kft., Budapest/HU

JANSEN geotwin shark PE-RT borehole heat exchangers
JANSEN u-boot and special distributor shafts
JANSEN PE-RT connecting pipes with a diameter between 40 mm and 160 mm
PE-RT electro-welding fittings and moulded parts

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