3. Edition

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Intro & Editorial

Design – Aesthetics and Functionality

Good design even fulfils more sensual demands when functionality and aesthetics are in harmony: Well-engineered functionality and practical handling then go hand in hand with an attractive appearance. With design quality, Jansen inspires beyond functional perfection. Finally, buildings should offer the occupants or users the greatest possible comfort and protection, but also !t into their surroundings, to make a concept visible and be formally convincing.

For product development, a holistic design approach means thinking about aesthetics in addition to covering all tests and standards.
This approach is reflected in the entire Jansen product range of steel windows, doors and fa ades and also includes handles, opening folds, special shapes or details such as face widths. In this issue, discover projects realised in different countries that impressively illustrate the results that can be achieved with steel systems from Jansen.

Let’s think about what signi!cance the design theses of Dieter Rams, former architect and head of design at Braun, still have today, and delve deeper into the topic of ‘Materiality in Architecture’ with the contribution of Prof. Thomas Schröpfer from the Singapore University of Technology.

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