Renovations with a unique profile

2nd Edition

Image source: Tim Fisher, Antwerpen

Introduction & Editorial

Steel plays a central role when it comes to renovations and the retention of existing and protected building structures. It offers outstanding material properties and a variety of design options. Reason enough to give the topic of “Renovation” a platform in this edition of SCALE, our new magazine. The aim of SCALE is to inspire, inform and entertain. Projects that have been carried out in different countries demonstrate the results that can be achieved with steel systems by Jansen. Professor Georg Giebeler from the University of Wuppertal (BUW) brings clarity to the large number of confusing terms, while Professor Stefan Kurath from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences collaborated on a specialist article entitled “Dealing with historically significant examples of residential housing”. For anyone who wants to relax or is already planning their next holiday, we recommend the article “Holidays in listed buildings”. It details where the whole family can relax in carefully and lovingly restored buildings – home improvement inspiration included.
Metals were already being used even in the early ages. However, it was the development of special melting furnaces at the time of the Industrial Revolution that made it possible to manufacture iron or, rather, steel in such large quantities that it became used in architecture just as much as stone and timber. Jansen AG has been working with steel since 1923. The expert knowledge of the material that has been acquired over generations is now being used by the family company to provide innovative building systems for custom solutions. Are you interested in the modernisation, renovation or flexible conversion of old existing structures in line with listed building regulations? With the current edition of SCALE, we show that with steel profile systems from Jansen, almost anything is possible. Be inspired. We hope you enjoy the magazine.

Your SCALE Editorial Team


Polizei- und Justizzentrum Zürich, CH