Design Element Special Geometries

It’s human nature: the pursuit of individuality. Accordingly, the buildings in which we live and work should also be different from others. Special geometries, i.e. windows, doors and façades in ‘special’ shapes, give buildings a unique and unmistakable appearance. In this way, object-related special geometries create added value that goes far beyond the purely functional aspect.

Special geometries for unmistakable façades

Depending on the profile system, different window types are possible; for example, studio windows, round and segmental arch windows or bevelled elements. Doors are also possible, in order to individually design the entrance area. Steel profile systems from Jansen are suitable for public buildings with high levels of public traffic as well as for commercial and industrial buildings or upmarket residential buildings. Thanks to their versatile design options, an individual appearance can be achieved for every building.

Certified safety thanks to CE marking

While architects benefit from the wide range of variants and openings of Jansen steel systems, the CE marking of the building element is important to specialist planners.

CE marking is always possible when a harmonised technical standard exists for the construction product. For windows and exterior doors, the product standard EN 14351-1 is authoritative. There is no harmonised standard for roof glazing, so that CE marking is not possible.

Individually designed roofscapes

With Jansen mullion-transom systems, individual roof glazing can also be realised. Due to their great freedom of form, not only are common roof types such as monopitch or pitched roofs possible, but steel is also ideally suited for glazed pyramids or domes with their usually complex structural connections. Whether insulated or non-insulated, with or without fire protection requirements: in a mutual dialogue, we develop the right solution for your very personal ideas regarding design, functionality and safety.

CE marking for special geometries made from Janisol

In accordance with the EN 14351-1 product standard, various special geometries were tested from the Janisol, Janisol primo, Janisol HI, Janisol Arte steel profile systems. As part of this testing, the following verifications were provided: Resistance to wind load in accordance with EN 12210, driving rain tightness in accordance with EN 12208 and air permeability in accordance with EN 12207. As a result, the verified values vary depending on the element type and fitting; however, the target value was always achieved or even exceeded. The respective performance values of the individual steel profiles are shown in detail in the delivery programme. This ensures a high degree of planning reliability for architects and a long-term financial advantage for building owners and investors. All the necessary documents and instructions for CE marking can be found at; The JANIsoft planning software enables a simple and efficient ordering process.