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Many requirements, a uniform view

«Design is invisible» – this well-known guiding principle for design, has also been adopted by Jansen. Thanks to the same face widths and compatible fittings, many systems can be combined «invisibly» with one another without any purely visual difference being noticeable. For example, the Janisol door systems Economy 50/60Janisol door systems and Janisol 2 EI30 : Wherever several doors directly follow each other, the different building requirements for exterior and interior doors can be solved in a uniform design in an attractive way. In constructions with high security requirements, such as airlocks for the separation of people, further protection goals such as bullet resistance can also be integrated in an optically invisible way. The combination of slender profile geometries with large glass formats, results in the greatest possible transparency – this is what architects and planners appreciate about the steel systems from Jansen.

Recommended reading

From A for «added value» to Z for «Zielgruppe» (‘target group’): 110 renowned experts from all over the world have provided term definitions and original article for the «Design Dictionary». The cultural differences offer perspectives for a comparative understanding of central design categories and communication via design. The 470-page volume covers both the classics of design discourse and terms used in current discussions, some of which are still relatively new. The book thus offers both a scienti!c basis for a serious design discourse and an entertaining read for browsing and discovery. It is a handbook for all those who are involved with design in a professional or educational capacity, or who simply enjoy it and want to delve deeper.

Michael Erlhoff, Tim Marshall (Hg.):
Wörterbuch Design. Begriffliche
Perspektiven des Designs.
Birkhäuser Verlag,
Basel/Boston/Berlin 2008,
ISBN 978-3-7643-7738-0.


Telescope Design Event 2022

As a continuation of the previous year’s series of events on the topic of «safety», Jansen 2022 takes up the theme of «design». With various measures and activities – including a multilingual brochure, videos and PR contributions – we are giving this topic the exposure it deserves. In this context, as a manufacturer of steel pro!le systems, we would like to stimulate dialogue with architects, metal builders and sales partners worldwide. The virtual event will be accompanied by an exclusive roadshow throughout the year, where the products can be experienced first-hand. The Virtual Telescope Design event will take place on June 14th 2022.

Detailed information can be found at:

Jansen illustrated book: «Architecture in steel»

The illustrated book «Architecture in steel» presents selected property references with Jansen steel profiles from all over Europe. The numerous examples inspire, deepen interest in steel and arouse curiosity for bold solutions. The division in the book is structured according to the different subject area on the Jansen website and provides insights into properties built from 2016 onwards. Buildings with a wide variety of functions illustrate Jansen’s maxim of ‘form and function perfectly combined’. In every context Jansen steel profile systems meet the highest performance standards in terms of quality and service life as well as safety and, at the same time, set aesthetic standards.

JANSEN virtual showroom

As a further component of the digitalisation strategy, the virtual showroom now complements Jansen’s range of services. The virtual representation illustrates a great deal more options than the physical product alone. This can be discovered in different areas of the showroom:

The product overview contains most of the series and products offered by Jansen. They can be found via categories, such as windows, doors, façades and folding and sliding doors, or via the ‘Jansen world’. In the ‘Jansen world’ the products can be selected by means of several preselection options.

• Under Product Information the most important points for the various target groups are summarised. At the same time, the overview also offers the possibility for deeper access, for example by means of sections, brochures or forwarding to the product pages.

• With the exploded view you can view the individual parts down to the smallest detail.

• The design con!gurator goes one step further and also offers the users the selection of various handles, hinges, surfaces or materials. These changes are applied directly to the representation of the element. Thus architects, investors or even end users have the possibility of displaying ‘their’ door or displaying ‘their’ window - and even ‘integrating’ it into prede!ned surroundings.

•  In the Safety Applications section, it is explained in a short, simple and also entertaining way how, for example, fire protection or burglary protection are tested and classified, and which products can be assigned to the safety areas. The virtual showroom makes it very easy to obtain complex information about the products on display. The virtual showroom complements the existing digital offerings BIM, JANIsol and Jansen Docu Center.