Planning and building in BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Design meets digital planning and construction

BIM has become increasingly popular in recent years and is now largely state of the art. Thanks to the continuous digital data preparation, architects and planners already benefit from the early planning phase in cooperation with Jansen. Design aspects are an important factor.

In the company’s own interest, work has already been underway since 2015 on digital processes for architects, planners, fabricators and operators of buildings in order to offer users added value in the world of digitally supported planning and construction. Through digital data preparation, Jansen supports architects and planning offices right from the very first phaseconception, planning and specification. Via the BIMobject cloud, Jansen offers BIM models of various steel systems for individual download. As part of the manufacturer initiative «productsforbim», Jansen is one of the first to offer digital models of their window, door and fa ade systems. Jansen promotes the holistic planning approach through digital twins. BIM models are available to architects and planners as 3D elements in Autodesk Revit and ArchiCAD formats without restriction and free of charge. We support fabricators in the BIM process with the JANISoft calculation software, which can be used to read in Revit models or create new object-specific models. Last but not least, the good design of our products means that the required documentation is comprehensively prepared and digitally available for all participants
As part of the manufacturer initiative «productsforbim», Jansen is one of the first to offer digital models of their window, door and façade systems.

Simplified planning with high added value

All Jansen systems are designed for planning with BIM. As a manufacturer of building products, we focus on the aspect of how productspecific manufacturer data enters the construction process and at what point in the construction which information is required. BIM presupposes that 3D architecture programs such as Revit (Autodesk) or Archi- CAD (Graphisoft) are used for the construction. The advantage of this 3D modelling software is practically almost self-explanatory: They detect and reduce any design errors at an early stage (collision checks on the overall model) and provide reliable quantity information.
For example: Instead of counting all the doors in 2D CAD drawings, in the 3D modelling software packages all the doors installed in the building can be determined at the push of a button and thus the costs can also be elicited at an early stage. Another benefit is: The client receives an almost photo-realistic representation (high-resolution renderings) of the commissioned building at a very early stage; materials used are visualised. A virtual tour of the building offers enormous added value compared to the conventional working method. The client has the opportunity to influence the project at a very early stage. Also misunderstandings or misinterpretations between the client and the architect are avoided, as the object can be viewed in 3D in advance.

Digital collaboration in the construction industry

Jansen BIM models thus make it possible to design window, door and fa ade systems which can then be combined, visualised and optimised as early as the building planning stage. The BIM process offers great potential for cost and time savings in construction. Large construction projects in particular are a particular challenge for digital collaboration. Standards for data formats must be created so that the individual digital models in the building provided by the respective manufacturer can also communicate with each other. So it all comes down to the interfaces. As an architect, engineer, designer or planner you receive free access manufacturer-specifc BIM objects. The Jansen BIM models are used as 3D elements for digital building models. These include information on both geometry and product data. The BIM models can be downloaded for Revit and ArchiCAD as well as in neutral IFC format on request.

As an architect, engineer, designer or planner you receive free access manufacturer-specific BIM objects.

Multifaceted range of services

Thanks to the tried-and-tested JANISoft software, Jansen Revit interface ad hoc-specific BIM models can be created at the customer’s request. Even tests, calculations and dimensioning are part of the range of services. In the Jansen Docu Center, you can call up all support documents for the steel profile systems. There you will find the latest versions of the delivery programs, processing documents, relevant certificates and evidence required by the metal fabricator for declarations of performance and required CE markings. In addition, we offer brief tutorials. In these, the processing of certain products is explained by the experts of the Technology Centre.