Where the traditional and the modern go hand in hand

Jansen, a tradition-rich company with its headquarters in Oberriet, Switzerland, develops, designs, manufactures and markets precision steel tube and steel systems as well as plastic products for the building and other industries. Jansen provides its customers worldwide with technologically mature products and system solutions that deliver true added value.

Driven by the pioneering spirit of its founding family, Jansen creates innovations that tread new paths every day in the fields of product development, technology and services. With our eyes always on the success of our customers, we bring together our competences, experiences, technologies and power to innovate to ensure outstanding, individualised solutions. Needs-focused products and services make us our customers' preferred partner.

Jansen is divided into three divisions: Building Systems, Steel Tubes and Plastic Solutions – together they form a single, strong unit.

Building Systems

Architecture is our passion. We create individualised and innovative system solutions for windows, doors and facades in steel and stainless steel for our customers. Their required standards of functionality and security, aesthetics and design we unite in our building systems. We create solutions in perfection.

Shape new worlds. Building systems from Jansen.


Steel Tubes

Steel is part of our DNA. We hold it every day in our hands, we recognise its advantages, know about its quality and optimum processing. Our rolled and drawn precision and profile steel tubes have many applications, including in the automotive and furniture industries. We create precision in standard production.

Give our ideas free rein. Steel tubes from Jansen.


Plastic Solutions

Plastic is the ace up our sleeve. We produce solutions for water and gas supplies, drainage, applications in the fields of heating, air-conditioning, sanitary works and geothermal technology. Sixty years' experience in extrusion vouch for the quality, efficiency and safety of our plastic systems, even under extreme conditions. We create quality with a guarantee.

Challenge us. Plastic systems from Jansen.




Steel is an integral part of the global circular economy

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) announced the launch of a new publication ‘Steel in the circular economy - A life cycle perspective’. It examines the critical role of steel in delivering true sustainability to our society and calls for a global rethink of regulations in all market sectors across every region.

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Impressions of BAU Munich

It is 5 metres high. Its leaves are made from steel and weigh 500 kilograms each. It is hard to capture on a smartphone camera but opens easily, without the slightest effort. Despite its unique size, the VISS facade pivot door is impressively light. It was the centre of attraction throughout the whole week of the trade fair and symbolised our open, intensive and inspirational relationship with our customers.

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A better world thanks to steel

How does steel make the world a better place? worldsteel’s latest video tells you all you need to know about one of the world’s most versatile materials in under three minutes. It brings to life in a clear and compelling way key facts about steel and the ways in which it touches every aspect of our lives.

In 2012, the steel industry generated revenue of more than 800 billion dollars. Approximately 8 million people worldwide work in steel production that is still frequently associated with dirt, smoke, sparks, and fire. The video reinforces how the methods of producing steel are getting more environmentally-friendly, and how steel can be recycled with no loss of quality for reuse in production. Once manufactured, steel endures throughout the entire life cycle, making it one of the most resource-efficient materials of all.

“We are […] committed to achieving a vision in which steel is recognised as a key element of a sustainable world – and hope our new video is a good way of communicating that vison and message.” (Edwin Basson, Director General, worldsteel)


worldsteel: The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is one of the largest industry associations in the world and represents approximately 170 steel producers, national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes. worldsteel members represent around 85% of world steel production.

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14.08.2015 –

ProOst 2015

Congress Center Einstein, St. Gallen
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13.10.2015 –

Fakuma Friedrichshafen

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02.11.2015 –


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