JANSEN shark:

Our worldwide innovation for your advantage

The patented structure inside the pipe has a particularly advantageous effect on the friction loss and pressure loss in the system.
JANSEN Geotwin Shark Erdwärmesonde

Up to 20% less pump power

Familiar handling

15% lower filling volume

Thermal characteristics

The scales on shark's skin have sharp ribs that steer the flow of the water along the body. The fine longitudinal grooves on the shark's scales prevent lateral movements in the water flow. Combined with its hydrodynamic shape, the shark therefore slices through the water – almost without resistance.

Intelligent plastic technology:

refined symbiosis of nature and engineering

With more than 60 years of experience in the development and manufacture of innovative plastic systems, Jansen, as a Swiss industrial business, stands for both the highest quality and precision and for pioneering high-tech solutions. Thanks to intensive research in the area of fluid mechanics, Jansen has increased the efficiency of ground source heat systems to a new level.

In co-operation with the Institute for Energy Technology at the University of Rapperswil "IET/HSR", Jansen has developed a plastic pipe that imitates the resistance-reducing effect of shark's skin: JANSEN shark technology. The inner structure of the pipe is optimally adapted to the flow behaviour of the circulating brine medium and in this way significantly reduces the hydraulic resistance.

Related technologies are already successfully in use in aircraft construction, in wind turbines and in ship building. Nature shows what trials confirm: Jansen shark technology, as a new system generation, surpasses the performance of other common ground source heating systems.

Our quality.

Your certainty.

Thanks to the latest production technologies and highly-qualified employees, Jansen ensures first-class, durable products. The products and production processes are certified, monitored and documented in accordance with the latest quality standards.

If you have any questions on possible applications, or on assistance during design and planning, please contact our technical advisers..

JANSEN Geotwin Shark Erdwärmesonde