Pipe design with advantages.

The new wave of energy.

JANSEN geotwin Sonde


Increased heat exchanger surface area

The outer corrugation on the 63 mm pipe provides additional pipe surface area (0.22 m²/m) that significantly eases the absorption of energy from the ground.

Vergrösserte Wärmetauscheroberfläche


Turbulent flow

In parallel to this aspect, the heat transfer from the pipe to the circulating brine medium is improved because the inner corrugation places the brine medium in a turbulent flow even at very low flow speeds.

Turbulente Strömung


High stability with maximum flexibility

Thanks to the corrugation and the perfect wall thickness distribution, the pipe has excellent bending characteristics (bending radius 0.45 m) despite the large diameter. JANSEN powerwave manufactured from the latest generation of PE 100 RC and therefore withstands high loads.

Hohe Stabilität bei maximaler Flexiblität


Large storage volume

More energy can be stored temporarily in the large volume (approx. 2.3 l/m). This aspect ensures optimal heat exchange with the ground, even during shutdowns. The efficiency of the heat pump is significantly increased both at peak load and in cyclic operation.

Low hydraulic resistance

The large pipe diameter ensures the pressure loss is minimal. In this way the power consumption of the brine circulating pump is reduced and in turn a higher annual coefficient of performance (COP) for the entire heat pump installation made possible.

Grosses Speichervolumen


Easy installation

The smooth pipe segments extruded every 100 cm at the same time permit straightforward cutting and connecting using common methods (e.g. electrically welded sleeves). Variable laying lengths and installation depths are possible as a result. JANSEN powerwave is available in common lengths; conventional reels can be used for installation.

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