Propeller shaft tube

Jansen produces weld-drawn tubes to produce propeller shafts for the automotive industry. As part of processing tubes are partly drawn in at the ends to meet high demands to reshaping properties and the quality of the weld seam. Stringent tolerances in terms of roundness, straightness and wall thickness are necessary to prevent running noise and vibrations. This guarantees smooth propeller shaft operation within the vehicle. The use of cutting-edge air hardening steel materials enable additional options to cut weight.


  • Excellent reshaping properties (drawing in, hammering)
  • High torsional strength and durability
  • Excellent welding properties
  • High levels of geometrical accuracy (eccentricity, roundness)
  • Excellent surface-finish condition

Material properties

  • High torsional strength and fatigue strength
  • Excellent reshaping properties (drawing in, hammering)
  • Homogeneous strength properties and ductility
  • Excellently suitable for welding
  • Potential to reduce wall thickness


  • Homogeneous, fine-grain structure (weld seam and basic material)
  • Minimised surface decarburisation of inner and outer surfaces (< 100 µm, < 50 µm)
  • Excellent weld seam quality
  • Excellent reshaping properties (drawing in, hammering)


  • Minimised fluctuations in wall thickness and inner/outer diameter
  • Minimised deviations in straightness
  • Minimised deviations in roundness and linear movement
  • Minimised eccentricity
  • Specific tube end processing: sawn/brushed; chamfered


  • Excellent surface condition thanks to tube drawing
  • Minimised surface irregularities (adhesions, scratches, dents, etc.)
  • Minimised corrosion protection, optionally specific corrosion protection
Propeller shaft tube