The new JANIsoft Update 2019 R1 is available!


The new JANIsoft software update is now ready for installation. The new release "JANIsoft 2019 R1" is available as 32-bit or 64-bit version. In this update we introduce 4 highlights, which you can also see in detail in the video.


Mixed function Jansen steel facade with aluminum Schüco insert elements

From this version on, you have the option of using the mixing function. You can put in a VISS 50 or VISS 60 facade, a Schüco window or door. However, this is only available for upgrades with aluminium and steel. In the technical settings, the adapter seal for insert element property can be determined for these insert elements, if required, to determine the adapter seal for the inner glass seal.

VISS Basic Skylight

New, there is the possibility for a roof glazing to switch the design on the inside of the construction to the Basic variant. Thus, you have the choice of various tubes but also I and U-beam which can be used as a substructure. As a template here, among other things, the mono-pitch roof can be used.

Sliding and folding doors with automatic type of operation

With the new version you can change the type of operation of the sliding and folding doors to «automatic». All items needed by Jansen are determined. For those who are supplied by your drive supplier, so-called "dummy articles" are thus determined placeholder, which have no price. At Janisoft you also have the option to create an order form directly for your drive supplier.

Alternative seals for doors with semicircular threshold

The control for the seal in the area of the threshold and the sill profile is new in the Technical Settings. The variants can thus be customized. Whether you want a brush seal or a rubber seal, it is now easy to set. Accordingly, the associated profiles are automatically used and determined.