The new JANIsoft Update 2020 R1 is available!


The new JANIsoft software update is now ready for installation. The new release "JANIsoft 2020 R1" is available as 32-bit or 64-bit version. In this update we introduce 3 highlights, which you can also watch in detail in the video.

Download here

Janisol Arte RC Version

From this version, the safety class can be determined for the Janisol Arte system with the construction "with push-in gasket". In the Field Properties dialog, you can choose between the classes possible for the system under the Openings group for the Security Class property. The fittings are based on the latest Janisol Arte 2.0 RC documentation, which can also be found in the Jansen DocuCenter.

Jansen Art’System extension

The extended opening options such as window door and doors can now be used for the Jansen Art’System. The fittings must still be added by the user via the "additional material" option. The input options are based on the latest Jansen Art’System documentation, which is stored in the DocuCenter.

Glazing per field

For windows, doors and fixed glazing, from this version the settings for the glazing (glazing windows, glazing fixed fields & doors) can also be determined specifically for the field from the technical settings. For all newly created positions, you will find the properties in the Field Properties dialog under the Glass / Panel group. There you define specific settings for each opening. The technical settings for the glazing are adopted as standard. Nothing changes for items already created in previous versions. The settings for the glazing in the Settings (Technical / Processing) tab still apply to these positions.