The new JANIsoft Update 2020 R2 is available!


The new JANIsoft software update is now ready for installation. The new release "JANIsoft 2020 R2" is available as 32-bit or 64-bit version. In this update we introduce 4 highlights, which you can also watch in detail in the video.

Download here

Jansen VISS Fire EI 30

From this version onwards, EI 30 fire protection façades can be selected using a new system template. All specifications of the system can also be made directly in the unit parameters of the element. Among other things, it is possible to define the thermal insulation and the design.

Janisol 2 EI 30 RC fittings

RC fittings can now be entered directly in the Janisol 2 EI 30 system template. The separate system template "Janisol 2 EI 30 Burglar-resistant" therefore no longer needs to be used and is removed from the software at a later date using a service pack. In the field properties, the RC version can be determined via the fitting type.

New Janisol HI profiles

From this version on, three additional profile types are available for selection for fixed frame and door leaf profiles. The L-profile (680.016Z), the T-profile (680.115Z) and the Z-profile (680.114Z).

Art’15 door inward opening

A new type of Art'15 door inward opening can be created. For this purpose, the system is available for selection in the template for inward opening doors. In addition, a number of corrections and optimisations have been made to the detection logic.