Maintenance kit: Further developed for Jansen door hinge solutions – simple, fast, paperless


We have further developed the tried-and-tested maintenance kit for Jansen door hinge solutions. A new tool and paperless handling makes work easier. The robust plastic casing and the foam padding within the case offer greater comfort. The new hinge aligning tool comes equipped with a telescopic mechanism. This allows for it to be stored in the case, the optimised angling of sleeves and better adjustment.

By simply scanning the QR code, you will be taken to the website where all of the information and documentation on the Jansen maintenance kit are available. All relevant article numbers are also listed here. Clicking individual numbers takes you to the up-todate installation and maintenance documents for the respective product.

The processing and maintenance guidelines for the hinges and tools can be reordered digitally. The
documents that were previously provided in paper form no longer have to be kept in the case.

Discover the new Jansen maintenance kit!

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