The new JANIsoft Update 2018 R2 is available!


The new JANIsoft software update ist now ready for installation. The new release “JANIsoft 2018 R2” is now available in 32-bit or 64-bit version. In this big update we introduce four highlights, which you can also see in detail in the movie

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Die biggest highlights in the overview

Janisol Arte 2.0 expansion:

The following three profiles are new to our range: 601.616 Z, 602.616 Z, 603.616Z. Also new are the two opening types: pivoting leaf window, left and right. These can be created from a simple fixed panel. Furthermore, as of this release the dry seal type can be used instead of glazing with putty. Also new is an alternative additional locking point for casement windows.

Janisol & Janisol HI RC function

New in this version the safety class can be defined directly in the open position and does not have to run via a separate profile system as before. Appropriately, the new steel angle glazing frame type with cover strip can be selected in the technical settings.

All-glass corners – centrally positioned glazing

Further to the all-glass corners for the window systems in the last release we have added the new "centrally positioned glazing" glazing type. In this version the glazing is used between the inside and outside of the glazing frames.

VISS Fire roof glazing

You receive access to the VISS Fire system for roof glazing via an activation code. You can define the fire safety class in the position properties. In the roof light structures, in addition to the pent roof structure, further templates such as a 4-corner pyramid or symmetrical saddle roof can be selected.