The new JANIsoft Update 2018 R1 is available!


The new JANIsoft software update ist now ready for installation. The new release “JANIsoft 2018 R1” is now available in 32-bit or 64-bit version. In this big update we introduce 4 highlights, which you can also see in detail in the movie

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Die biggest highlights in the overview

Jansen sliding and folding doors

The profile system Jansen sliding and folding doors in depths of 50, 60, and 80 are now included. With the algorithmic fitting programming, the fitting parts are determined correctly like the different application requirements. These products now offer a variety of design options. For example, the sliding gate can be divided into 1-track or 2-track. In addition, the rollers can be configured for the sliding gates with the variety on the floor or on the ceiling. At the folding gates you have a free life composition. The user can enter the life pieces with several side.

3D polygon elements for fixed fields / windows and doors

If you create a new position you get now a new system template, which you can enter the 3D-Elements for all fix fields / window and door systems. In order to guarantee a free angle input, the solution initially consists of a corner glass construction.  You can specify an infinite number of areas and angles in these 3D position constructions. You can also change the corner glass construction by hand to Jansen system profiles. The visual presentation offers you a significant advantage.

Janisol folding doors extension package

With the new version you can selectively modify the profiling of the folding door life construction. This allows you a variety of design options. In addition, you can now modify the glazing to a sheet-metal construction. Reinforcement profiles can now be added in the sheet metal construction.

New substructure profiles for Jansen VISS facades

You can now choose the Jansen Ixtra Profiles for VISS facades. In addition to the common industry profiles, you can now also use IPE / IPET / UNP profiles. Although these can not be ordered from Jansen. They offer you a lot of design options for façade constructions. The glazing is still guaranteed by the proven VISS system.