The new JANIsoft update 2022 R2 is here!


A new JANIsoft software version is now available. The release of the new "JANIsoft 2022 R2" update can be downloaded as a 32-bit or 64-bit version.

In this update we are proud to present 4 highlights, which you can also watch in detail in the video. Of course, we have added many more features, which are described in detail in the news documentation.

Download file

Janisol Arte 2.0 Extension

Four new "window-door" opening types and the pivoting sash window are now available for the Janisol Arte 2.0 system. In addition, there are various new fittings and handles for the new opening types. Details about the further development can be found in the documentation.

Economy 60 Folding wall

The new folding wall variant with the Economy 60 profile system can be created from the templates for folding walls. The Economy 60 folding wall solution is almost identical to the already known Janisol folding wall.

Extended selection of door threshold for steel doors

When selecting door thresholds, an extended selection is now available for the systems, Janisol 2, Janisol 2 (70mm) & Janisol 2 stainless steel EI30 as well as Janisol C4, Janisol and Janisol stainless steel.

VISS Fire revision

The design of the VISS Fire façade can now be controlled within one item. It is no longer necessary to select a separate VISS Fire system. The implementation was carried out according to the documentation from 2010 but has not yet been fully implemented. Further optimizations will be delivered with service packs.