Lightweight Construction – A Success Story: Successful weight reduction of 15 % for the stabilizer application achieved


Lightweight construction, as a synonym for weight or mass reduction in vehicles, represents one of the greatest challenges for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The required reduction in CO2 emissions to improve air quality and to protect the environment leads to new demands in terms of lightweight automotive engineering.

As a result, a long-standing customer was looking for a way to make the produced stabilizer lighter while the physical properties should be maintained. Jansen provides here new possibilities for weight savings incorporating high-tensile materials. The use of air hardening steel materials or other high-grade heat treatable steel allows components to be lighter while maintaining their physical properties.

After a cooperative analysis with the customer, the strength of the stabilizer could be designed to approx. 2000 - 2200 MPa by using the higher quality material 40MnCrB5. This made it possible to reduce the wall thickness from 4.00 mm to 3.40 mm and thus also to reduce the weight of the steel tube by 15 %.

Your requirements are our motivation. We will be pleased to evolve an innovative lightweight solution with you that is tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us for a personal meeting.

Overview of our Success Stories

After our lightweight construction success story, we will be informing you in the coming months about these competencies of Jansen:

  • Technology partnership
  • Material expertise
  • process proficiency

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