Christmas donation 2021

Share the joy for twice the happiness

Jansen AG supports social projects on a regular basis. In doing this, we want to share our joy that we live in a privileged and prosperous country with people who do not have it as good as we do. We have therefore been supporting Suisse-Togo, a non-profit organisation in West Africa dedicated to giving young people access to various forms of academic and vocational education, for six years now. The collaboration with Suisse-Togo is particularly important to us, as the seasoned team has been working with a great deal of personal dedication locally to ensure the sustainable improvement of living standards.

Christmas donations 2021: A school that is growing with its pupils

The savannah landscape of northern Togo is the least urban area of this small West African country. Its population live mainly off agriculture – cotton, corn, millet seed, beans and yams are grown here using the simplest methods. In this region, there is a severe lack of schools and those that do exist are in a poor condition or are hopelessly oversubscribed with up to 100 pupils in each class.

After Jansen AG made it possible for a school for approximately 300 children to be built in the south of the country in recent years, we are now also financing the construction of a new school in northern Togo. In the village of Sagbièbou, the children have benefitted from a nursery school that was built by the Suisse-Togo non-profit organisation in 2010. Now, Suisse-Togo is building an entire primary school in the village. This year, the donations made by Jansen AG have already ensured that a fourth classroom could be built in the Savanes Region.

A classroom is being built every year until the school has the target number of six classrooms. This means that the school is growing with its pupils.