The digital Geothermal Congress 2021

30/11/21 - 03/12/21 |
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The geothermal congress 2021 will take place as a virtual event. After careful consideration, the German Geothermal Energy Association has decided not to hold the Geothermal Energy Congress 2021 as a face-to-face event, but to hold it digitally instead.

Yesterday's decision by the Conference of Minister Presidents to use the hospitalisation rate as a benchmark for the Corona restrictions in the future means that the risk of further tightening of measures can no longer be calculated. A further increase in the hospitalisation rate in North Rhine-Westphalia over the next ten days cannot be ruled out and, in the worst case, would result in a ban on events. Due to this situation, the organisors see the conversion to a digital congress as the only way to prevent a potential complete cancellation of the event.

Tickets that have already been purchased will remain valid and will be converted to online tickets. Online tickets can still be purchased. Participants and speakers who have already registered will receive further information by e-mail.

This year, the Geothermal Congress 2021 (30th November to 3rd December) will be held online.Visitors can expect a total of 175 technical presentations, including workshops, sessions, poster sessions and keynotes. At the Science Bar competition, doctoral and final theses can win the young talent award of the German Geothermal Association.

On Tuesday, November 30, the congress will start with a workshop day. Highlights include workshops by the partner countries Switzerland and Austria and the joint DACH workshop on the regulatory framework for the use of deep geothermal energy comparing the rules in these countries. 


Ground source heat: the energy source from your plot

Ground source heat is an unlimited energy source and makes you independent of fossil fuels. Jansen is an expert at making this ground source heat accessible for heating or cooling.
Whether shallow or deep ground source heat loop, whether classic in-the-hole hammer drilling or bore-jetting – due to the matched components such as heat loop weights and SPS jet-bore tip, reliable, fast installation is always ensured with all JANSEN ground source heat loops. The high-quality, Swiss products are manufactured as standard using PE 100 RC (in accordance with PAS 1075) of the latest generation and tested in the factory; they are delivered with a factory-welded loop base and individual factory certificate in accordance with EN 10204.

Presentation on the topic: Safety, efficiency and cost reduction with the JANSEN hipress

JANSEN hipress achieves new dimensions in geothermal energy. As the most powerful borehole heat exchanger in the world, in relation to the  required installation diameter, it has the lowest  hydraulic resistance.This is achieved by a patented PE-metal multilayer pipe solution developed by the Swiss manufacturer Jansen in cooperation with the Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing (IWK) of the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland (OST). JANSEN hipress is convincing thanks to its excellent technical properties such as high thermal transfer performance, absolute diffusion tightness and offers increased safety, efficiency and effective cost reduction. Launched in 2018, the probe is suitable for multi-storey residential buildings where space is at a premium.

Find out exciting details in the poster session with Benjamin Klöppel, Technical Sales Consultant, Jansen AG.

On Thursday, 02.12.2021: 1 - 2 pm / Room 4 

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