Environmental Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declaration

The concept of sustainability is expressed in a wide range of forms in today’s architecture. Sustainability manifests itself in new builds, building in existing stock, commercial, public buildings, and in our living space.

At its heart is the efficient and conscious use of natural resources and our continual striving to advance the protection of the environment and climate. The focus of attention must therefore fall on the extraction of raw material, transport, manufacturing, mechanical and other forms of processing, the usage phase and the recyclability of goods and products. This way of approaching the issue forms the basis of several certification programmes, such as:

Steel – sustainable use over

Steel has been used in a wide range of applications for thousands of years. The material is re-smelted again and again to create something new. Steel undergoes continuous further development, and the amount of energy required for its production process is gradually being reduced.

Steel has an extremely high recycling potential and is well known for its durability and long service life. Windows, doors and facades made from steel and stainless steel enable buildings to be constructed and used sustainably and can be recycled at the end of their long lives.

Jansen – the shape of sustainability

Jansen profiles allow you to design, assemble, install and, above all, use your buildings sustainably with windows, doors and facade profiles in steel or stainless steel. The products contribute considerably to achieving certification of buildings without compromising architectural quality. Jansen makes available Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) through ift Rosenheim to help in this task.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

As a system manufacturer, Jansen offers industry-specific Environmental Product Declarations for its windows, doors and facades in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804. These EPDs can be obtained quickly and easily through ift Rosenheim.

Depending on the requirements in your construction project, the sample EPD (industry EPD) provided by us may be sufficient for your property. Please check this with the responsible certifier.

What to do if Jansen AG sample EPD is sufficient:

  • Navigate to our DocuCenter
  • Click Steel systems | Principles of tender / Instructions / …
  • Select the “Certificate” document type
  • Download the certificate relevant for you

What to do if you have to have the EPD created for you:

  •  Visit the www.ift-rosenheim.de/ift-model-epd web page
  •  Select one of the model EPDs on the right-hand side:
    •  EPD windows and lift and slide elements made of steel, stainless steel and weatherproof steel
    •  EPD facades made of steel, stainless steel and weatherproof steel
    •  EPD doors and fire-resistant doors made of steel, stainless steel and weatherproof steel
  •  Download the required form, fill it out and send it to the link shown
  •  ift Rosenheim will contact you and send the issued EPD form

EPDs are not issued free-of-charge. Their prices are shown on the form.