What does this have to do with me as a metal fabricator?

The approval process for issuing a certificate requires that the following points are met:

  • Existing licence contract with a systems provider which explicitly allows the use of the classification report and the appropriate technical documentation (ATD)
  • Use of the classification report as well as the appropriate technical documentation (ATD) of the system provider as a replacement to Type Testing
  • A Factory Production Control (FPC) in the manufacturing plant which meets the requirements of the product standard(s)
  • Third-party monitoring, i.e. a successful initial inspection as well as annual monitoring of the FPC by a notified product certification body

If these requirements are fulfilled, the metal fabricator can apply for a certification from a notified product certification body recommended by the system provider (note: the notified product certification body also carries out the monitoring). After the successful initial inspection of the FPC as well as successful testing of the ATD, the certificate for performance consistency is issued. The metal fabricator can therefore make the product available on the market based on the declaration of performance and CE marking. The monitoring of the FPC takes place annually.

How does Jansen support metal fabricators?