Advanced course Jansen / Schüco software

Seminar code: JSSE


This training course can be designed around your specific wishes and requirements. The result is training that is relevant to your needs, at an economically justifiable cost and from which you will gain maximum benefit.


  • In order to draw up a training proposal for you, we require the following information:
    • What objectives should the training fulfil?
    • What should the training cover?
    • What sort of people do you envisage attending?
    • How many people are likely to attend?
    • When and where should the training take place?


JSSE. 1On request
JSSE. 2On request

Event venue

Jansen AG, Customer Information Centre, Oberriet
1 day (08:30 – 16:30)

Attendance fee

CHF 150.- per person


Once we have received your details we will send you a quotation. We will do our best to accommodate your desired dates.

Please note

Requirements: knowledge of Jansen and/or Schüco profile systems and the various constructions. Basic knowledge of MS Windows and MS Word. You will receive a 90-day test version.

The JANIsoft seminar at Jansen AG in Oberriet is intended only for Swiss customers. However, if you are interested in such training, please contact our sales partner for your region.

Registration & course overview